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About me

Hey there, I'm a 21 year old programmer and community manager from Wales!

For the past decade I've been programming in some capacity, be it Scratch in the beginning, or Python and Go(lang) now. My primary focus is on automated anti abuse systems for communities and platforms, such as FishFish.

I've also been managing and moderating communities for the past 4 years, and in late 2022 became a Discord partner. I have now moderated a total of over a million members across all the communities I've been a part of.

My skills


11 years

I've been programming on and off in Python since early 2014. Over time my Python projects have got bigger and - more importantly - better.

Community Management

4 years

I started getting into community management around the time the COVID-19 pandemic started, and have been moderating, and more recently managing, communities ever since. Over time my focus has turned from active moderation to development, policy, and general management.


2.5 years

Somewhat recently I discovered that I liked the Go programming language, and have been using it for many of my current projects, alongside Python.

Projects and Communities


Admin and Development Lead 2021 - Present

FishFish is a community effort to reduce the attack capabilities of phishing attacks on Discord by early detection and reporting of phishing domains before they're used on the platform.

GTAO Discord

Admin and Development Lead 2020 - Present

The GTA Online Discord server is a community for the GTA series. My position there involves policy and management, as well as development of bots and services for the community.


Maintainer 2021 - Present

Nextcord is a python library and framework for building Discord bots. When announced it would no longer be continuing development Nextcord was forked to allow people to continue to develop bots in Python with the simplicity of